Riva Lofts

Riva Lofts is a precious jewel nestled on the left bank of the Arno, just a stone’s throw from the renaissance centre of Florence.

The complex, characterised by a centuries-old history, was originally used as a factory from 1880, then later converted into artisan workshops, until eventually becoming the home-atelier of architect Claudio Nardi in 1999.

Thanks to its slightly secluded location, it offers guests the possibility to relax in an intimate, yet not isolated setting, and to peacefully appreciate an authentic atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Riva Lofts is an urban refuge in which to indulge in every last pleasure: in the summer, you can soak up the sun by the pool; in the winter, you can sit by the fire in the common lounge with stone walls. Alternatively, you can grab one of the vintage bikes, cross the Arno and breathe in the clean air of the large “Parco delle Cascine”, or perhaps lose yourself among the buildings of the historical city centre.

Riva Lofts is an urban retreat both intimate and discrete thanks to the level of service and meticulous attention afforded to all our guests, in an effort to satisfy their every whim and desire.

Where luxury goes hand in hand with hospitality and creates the relaxing atmosphere so typical of our lofts.

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The Lofts

Riva Lofts are developed in articulated volumes, each different to the other in terms of form, position, finishings, where antique and modern furnishings, tradition and modernity, new and old materials come together in a light and natural mix.

Each apartment has its own special relationship with the outdoor space, the park, the river, the garden, the pool.

All lofts are equipped to ensure guests experience true comfort, immersed in design.

The main building of the complex is available for shared use by guests, featuring a common lounge with stone walls, cross vaults, a library and large fireplace. The lounge features a large glass window looking out to the private garden and spectacular white sandstone pool.


Riva Kitchen is open from Wednesday to Sunday, for romantic dinners or for the Sunday brunch, in the exclusive setting of Riva Lofts, where the warmth of conviviality is combined with architecture and design research.

For info and reservations (+39) 375 7040879

Cooking Class

Do you want to learn how to make authentic Italian fresh pasta? Step by step, our chef Michele will prepare with you the most typical dishes of Italian cuisine, sharing their secrets, the result of years of culinary experience.

I love dualities, shades, contrasts, the scent of the past, contemporary forms and materials. Enveloped and filled by these sensations, I transformed the spaces that had been my home and my atelier looking over the river, into a residence for guests, a place that recalls the home and travels, contemporary clarity, the memories of past styles and cultures, a place that is homely, light, open, emotional and intense.

Arch. Claudio Nardi

Riva Lofts concept

Our style

Scents of the past, forms and materials, lines and shades. Riva Lofts brings all these elements together by evoking memories of past styles and cultures, transforming a place of residence into a way of life.

This is what Claudio Nardi succeeded in doing when he transformed his home-atelier into a relaxing oasis.

The minimalist style is warmed by the materials – stone, wood, glass; the vintage furnishings are perfectly blended with the elements of design, thus pleasing the eye wherever it happens to fall.


To help you experience Florence in its most authentic form, we have selected a few unique experiences to awaken the senses and nurture the body and mind.


Our aim is to create unique atmospheres where your dreams come true. Riva Lofts is the perfect location for a unique event.


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