Bye Baby Suite

Bye Baby Suite @ RIVA

…few spectators in the intimate space of our Loft Studio n°. 8, spying on Marilyn Monroe in her most uncomfortable intimacy.

The show is a portrait of a nervous, abused and misunderstood artist, a desperate woman, on a night that is full of memories, dreams and shadows.

Marilyn on a night like many others, perhaps the last, taking pills and alcohol and telling her story on a breath without shame.

It’s a rough, irreverent and tragic portrait, a revolving wave, scandalous like a prayer.

The play has been successfully represented from Catania to Venice, and is now a small / big event whose poetry has gone beyond national boundaries even earning a celebration of Le Monde.

Assigned Seating € 20.00 (excluding booking fee)

FOR RIVA LOFTS GUESTS 5 € REDUCTION on entrance fee (deducted from the cost of the room at check out)